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Shanghai Xiangcheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2010. Through the unremitting efforts of Xiangcheng people, the company has developed into a comprehensive logistics enterprise with business scope covering more than 150 large and medium-sized cities across the country and more than 100 countries and countries around the world. area. After several years of rapid development, the company's strength has been continuously strengthened, its business scope has been further expanded, and the company's business volume has continued to grow. Its business categories have been continuously enriched and updated with customer needs, service quality has continued to improve, and customer satisfaction has also been continuously improved. Laid a good foundation for the company's further development.



So far, the company's core business covers three major sectors: international express mail, international air transport, and international shipping. In addition, the company also provides special value-added services including packaging and warehousing. Thinking what customers think and what customers want is Xiangcheng's unchanging service tenet.

Dear friend, when you open this page, you are already our valued customer. You are welcome to come to our company for inspection and guidance at any time. We sincerely welcome you. Friends from other places, please contact us in advance and we will send a special car to pick you up. If necessary, we can also send excellent senior logistics consultants to visit your company to develop the most suitable international logistics solution for you.

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Global service toll free hotline: +86 400-808-6156


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