Withdrawal security risks that cross-border sellers have to pay attention to!


The covid was caught off guard, and the war between Russia and Ukraine has been delayed again and again. It is hard to do foreign trade, and it is also hard to do cross-border e-commerce! Business is already difficult, and I have to worry about withdrawing money. Why is life so difficult! It's not easy to do business better, but also to prevent fraud. freight cost

Recently, many seller friends have received text messages similar to new scams. Among them, the "routine" is nothing more than saying that this person is an official Amazon employee, who helps to register the store for free, and uses the seller's store data to withdraw money in the name of helping the store operate. ,loan.

Generally, sellers will definitely ignore such text messages, but it is inevitable that some sellers will "seek medical attention" and provide their own information, inexplicably their data will be stolen and they will owe huge debts.

While sighing, I also have to think about the whole story: how can such text messages accurately target the cross-border e-commerce sellers? Where does this information come from? Why is the data stolen and used by others to withdraw money and settle foreign exchange?

Let's talk about it one by one.

First, cross-border e-commerce is an online business. Of course, through online registration, reservations, and exchanges, major forums, platforms, and websites must have left a lot of traces. Therefore, in this era, "human flesh" is a person. so easy. Businesses should be more careful, so that illegal institutions and websites have no chance to take advantage.

Second, the data authorization of e-commerce is very important. In order to save worry and trouble, many e-commerce companies easily authorize data to informal third-party organizations, and entrust them with full authority to handle the one-stop service of collection, settlement and payment. It is clearly agreed that there are certain security risks. freight cost

When it comes to security compliance, Xiao Bian believes that the first choice must be the bank channel. At present, many domestic banks are committed to providing efficient services for cross-border e-commerce. Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank is one of the earliest professional banks involved in this field.

It is reported that the bank has successfully joined the Amazon PSP program and obtained the qualification for domestic cross-border e-commerce foreign exchange business, forming cross-border e-commerce B2B and B2C service capabilities. For a single e-commerce seller, the bank realizes the functions of uploading electronic orders and online foreign exchange settlement through electronic channels; for e-commerce platforms or self-built stations, it provides direct connection services, and promotes simplified online business with "digital identification" and "intelligent wind". "Control" to ensure the safety of cross-border funds.

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