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How to identify emerging market or strong growth market trends? The three major sectors of product selection, PPC, and evaluation are complementary to each other and cannot exist alone or go against the trend. Positioning and trends to drive accurate traffic and win the trust of users are the main line for the three sectors to work closely together to achieve the goal, but they are also the three major pain points for cross-border e-commerce sellers to operate.

How to position the target market in combination with trends? Show us to users through reasonably accurate keywords for user needs? For what reasons do users trust us, convert and become fans to form a strong relationship? This series of special topics will continue to make breakthroughs from product selection, combine market trends and research, explore the rational use of user demand points and core keywords in the target market, and grasp the relationship between market supply and demand. shipping sgent

It is better to teach them how to fish than to teach them to fish. This topic aims to guide the development and establish the marketing thinking and research process of product selection!

Cross-border selection - Pushing Joe down the water: topic of trend selection (11)

1. Market trend research and supply and demand mining:

1. The source of demand:

Dogs are starting to live longer as veterinary care becomes more widely available and consumers invest more in protecting their pets' health. The average dog lifespan has increased by 12% over the past decade to nearly 12 years, and an important concern is that there are more older dogs with health problems.

2. Overview of market trends:

This is it: Dog Recovery Suit

With the rise of dog surgery, the need for products such as dog surgical gowns that prevent dogs from interfering with their healing wounds, or infestation by other dogs, is also growing rapidly.

While some consumers still prefer to buy a more traditional solution: a dog cone to solve this problem, there is an important hidden pain factor in the process of surgical gowns occupying the market demand space: a dog cone only protects the dog from its own However, with the increase of the number of pets in each household, and even the gathering of outdoor activities after the epidemic, it is difficult for dog cones to prevent the intrusion of other dogs.

Unlike dog cones, surgical gowns can protect a dog's healing wounds in a given household and also from other pets, which are more common today than in past decades. More than half of pet owners today share a house with more than one pet. Therefore, demand generates markets, and vertical industries generate large business opportunities. shipping sgent

3. Market capacity and competition status:

(Using tools to research the total product sales and the number of competitors) For example: on the Amazon platform, the top 100 sub-categories of this category sell an average of 1,300 items per month, and the monthly search demand for keywords exceeds 300,000. In terms of supply, the activity of new products has reached 11%, the proportion of FBA of such products is 94%, AMZ self-operated is 0, 60% of the products are from Chinese sellers, 40% are from American sellers, and 30% of the time is concentrated in the past 1 year. The product life cycle is long, and the initial building threshold is relatively low (10% of the products have less than 100 reviews, but still need to establish a good promotion plan, advertising plan and evaluation plan), the main demand range is about 15-25 US dollars, and at the same time in In the $20-25 segment, there is an obvious phenomenon that demand exceeds supply. These market information all reflect the competition and opportunities in the corresponding category market of the product. The threshold for building is not high, but multiple variants will filter out some sellers. At the same time, this is also an opportunity. Industry sellers may wish to give it a try.

Expand it and leave readers with a thought: what if it is posted on TikTok again?

4. Target user demand mining:

(List the common needs of consumers based on user praise, and list unmet needs based on negative reviews and Q&A to form a differentiated competitive advantage)

5. Cost and profit accounting:

Complete the supply cost of the product according to the demand and provide the value to meet the demand to determine a reasonable profit margin.

6. Key words:

User demand keywords are mainly concentrated in 4-5 words.

dog recovery suit

dog surgery recovery suit

recovery suit for dogs

suitable recovery suit for dogs

7. Copywriting: (Because it belongs to a vertically focused audience, the application of scenes such as copywriting pictures is very important)

The distribution of on-page search engines for listing around the relative concentration of keywords. Copywriting, pictures and video content are based on the above points 3 and 4 to highlight the selling points. From a marketing perspective, products are born with selling points to achieve positioning and precision. traffic matching. shipping sgent

8. PPC strategy:

The overall advertising structure and layout of such products need to combine SP, SB (commodity), SBV, SD (especially audience and commodity). Novices can turn on the automatic advertisement pre-denial in SP and identify them, and then activate the broad and precise core words in order for delivery and denial. The budget and bidding are formulated according to the actual copywriting.

9. After the feasibility study is completed, according to the new product creation process, the operation target and time node plan execution table is formulated. After the operation strategy of a product is determined, the execution plan is the guarantee for the completion of the target, and supervision and adjustment are carried out during the operation execution process to ensure Guarantee the complete creation of new products.

2. Expansion of user group needs:

The market is composed of target user groups. During the market realization process of the above products, the demand products can be expanded for the user groups. The consumption trend is not a flash in the pan. Sellers can consider building their own brand independent websites, optimizing Google rankings to attract product traffic, and using mainstream social media to bring goods. For example, TikTok short video delivery is a trend.

3. New asset-light operation model of cross-border e-commerce:

If you have research and development capabilities, you can recommend products to me. The new asset-light operation model of cross-border e-commerce can quickly promote the rapid growth of brands and platforms such as Amazon.

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